Tooth Hazard Prevention for a Spectacular Smile

Your diet plays a key role in your oral health. If you're not actively taking care of your teeth and gums in regard to the foods you eat, tooth hazards can arise, and you can severely hinder your oral health. For this reason, exercise tooth hazard prevention plans and protective... Read more »

Unlock Your Smile with Sedation Dentistry

Several options exist for a variety of sedation dentistry treatment options. Depending on whether you need a deep sedative or only a mild relaxant, different forms can be used. Sedation can be given in the forms of gas, injections, and even in pill form. Gas sedations are typically used to... Read more »

Why Should I Use a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush?

Your dentists, Drs. Trecker and Lopez, strongly encourage using a soft-bristled toothbrush. This is because this type of toothbrush can benefit you and your smile in a myriad of ways. To help you understand a little more, our dental team will be happy to tell you all about the benefits... Read more »

What Will Yogurt Do for Your Teeth?

When you’re running to work late in the morning – and to be honest, who’s not – from time to time all you can grab is a cup of yogurt. Well good news! Yogurt is a dental-friendly food! Find out why in this article, and feel free to give us... Read more »

Maintain Optimum Oral Health with Root Canal Therapy

Have you ever heard of root canal therapy? Root canal therapy refers to an oral health procedure that cleans and cares for teeth with damaged pulps. In most cases, a pulp will need to be removed if it is damaged. Otherwise, the tooth will need to be extracted. Root canal... Read more »

Good Oral Hygiene Helps with Gum Disease Prevention

Remembering to brush your teeth each morning and night, as well as making a conscious effort to thoroughly floss at least once each day helps with more than just cavity prevention. Removing plaque, food particles, and sugar residue before they can calcify into tartar at the gum line also helps... Read more »

How to Properly Use Fluoride Toothpaste

If you want a top-notch brushing routine, then you need to use fluoride toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association. This is a beneficial oral hygiene tool that can clean your teeth as well as nourish and strengthen your tooth enamel, which is why your dentist, Dr.... Read more »

Defeating Dry Mouth

From time to time, everyone’s mouth runs dry. It can be the result of fear or stress, and usually the condition goes away after the moment has passed. However, chronic dry mouth is a condition that should not be ignored. Your mouth is designed to stay moist. The saliva in... Read more »

Treating Your Tooth Sensitivity

There are many possible reasons for your tooth sensitivity. You may have worn or fractured tooth enamel, cavities, dental erosion, gum recession, or a combination of these factors. If you have sensitive teeth, it’s vital to seek dental advice as soon as you can. Dr. Marcus Lopez can diagnose the... Read more »

Composite Fillings to Protect and Enhance Your Smile

If you have a cavity in your tooth, your dentist will use a filling in the space left after he removes the decayed tooth material. Depending on the location and size of the cavity, it may be possible to use a filling that will blend in with the rest of... Read more »