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Our team at Trecker and Lopez Family Dentistry believes that early prevention is key to maintaining a healthy mouth. With our CariVu™ cavity and caries detection tool, Dr. Trecker and Dr. Lopez can comfortably and accurately locate tooth decay early on and treat your tooth to provide it with the strength and protection it needs. We are pleased to provide our patients with high-quality and effective preventive care. If you would like to learn more about CariVu in Springfield, Massachusetts, and to schedule your appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today at 413-782-5159.

At our practice, we work hard to help you keep a healthy mouth by diagnosing and treating problems early on. CariVu is a small, hand-held tool that helps our dentists to detect cavities at the earliest stage possible. With this painless procedure, our team members will simply and comfortably insert the CariVu into your mouth where it will “hug” your tooth and immerse it in near-infrared light. The light will cause your enamel to appear transparent, but decay and lesions will absorb the light and appear dark. From this absorption, we can target damage and create personalized treatment plans that will give your tooth the care it needs.

Because CariVu can detect tooth decay before it is visible to the naked eye, we are able to treat decay before it becomes more extensive and causes more damage. When tooth decay is treated early, we can provide a more conservative restoration that results in less discomfort, lower costs, and increased tooth protection.

CariVu is also a great alternative to patients who prefer to avoid having X-rays taken, although using CariVu and digital X-rays together may provide a more thorough and complete detection process. For more information about CariVu cavity and caries detection device and other types of technology that we use in our office, please call or visit us today.


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