Maintain Optimum Oral Health with Root Canal Therapy

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Have you ever heard of root canal therapy? Root canal therapy refers to an oral health procedure that cleans and cares for teeth with damaged pulps. In most cases, a pulp will need to be removed if it is damaged. Otherwise, the tooth will need to be extracted. Root canal therapies can safely extract the pulp without destroying the tooth. Listed below are a few causes of infected pulps that may be in need of root canals:

– If dental erosion has occurred to the point that a cavity has arisen, the pulp of a tooth will be vulnerable. Even a pulp infection is enough to destroy a tooth, so it is important to make sure a dental filling is placed on a cavity before the pulp is damaged.

– If you have repeated dental procedures on a tooth, you smile may be suffering from a very thin layer of tooth enamel, which places it at a high risk for pulp damage.

– Oral accidents and injuries can occur at any time and leave your teeth broken, shattered, and damaged. If an oral accident has occurred and a pulp has been damaged, the pulp will need to be removed with a root canal therapy.

– Not all damage that occurs to your tooth enamel is visible, and there may have been microscopic damage to your tooth enamel with which bacteria can seep through and into the root of a tooth.

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