Tooth Hazard Prevention for a Spectacular Smile

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Your diet plays a key role in your oral health. If you’re not actively taking care of your teeth and gums in regard to the foods you eat, tooth hazards can arise, and you can severely hinder your oral health. For this reason, exercise tooth hazard prevention plans and protective treatments associated with your diet.

Protecting your smile against the risks of dental erosion includes avoiding numerous products in your diet. This includes sports drinks, soda, fruit juice, potato chips, and numerous other similar products. These substances are extremely high in sugars and starches which can be converted into horrible acids in your mouth known for eating through your tooth enamel. In addition, avoid sticky and chewy sweets that can linger on your teeth and gums long after consumption, thereby increase your risk of tooth decay and dental erosion. Other known tooth hazards include constantly snacking throughout the day and trying to open up products with your teeth. Never open bottle caps or any other plastic packaging materials with your teeth as it can destroy your smile in seconds.

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