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No one wants a smile full of dental flaws, especially deep tooth stains that can’t be improved with simple tooth whitening treatment. If you are tired of tooth stains, we invite you to consider porcelain dental veneers, which can achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

The appearance of dental veneers is thin porcelain shells custom shaped and shaded to look like the natural fronts of your teeth, but without the unwanted flaws. While they will look natural when placed on your teeth, dental veneers offer improvements in color and contour. Furthermore, they don’t have the same susceptibility to discoloration and stains as natural teeth, and only develop minor stains if you eat dark food or don’t brush regularly. Porcelain is known to last for many years, keeping your smile looking beautiful.

First, our dentist assesses the quality of your teeth to gauge the amount of healthy tooth enamel and determine if tooth decay, lack of enamel, or old fillings have affected the teeth too much, to the point that they would benefit more from a porcelain dental crown instead. If the teeth are healthy, we will send a detailed impression of your smile to a dental lab, where a team of skilled technicians uses your natural teeth as a guide to custom craft your cosmetic shells.

When ready, we will have you return to our office. To ensure the dental veneers don’t look bulky, we will need to remove a small amount of natural tooth enamel before cementing the veneers firmly in place.

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