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Several options exist for a variety of sedation dentistry treatment options. Depending on whether you need a deep sedative or only a mild relaxant, different forms can be used. Sedation can be given in the forms of gas, injections, and even in pill form.

Gas sedations are typically used to as calm and relax patients. Injections and oral sedation are extremely popular for dentists who wish to adjust the level of sedation needed, as it can range from a mild sedative up to a sleeping sedative. In situations where a deep sedative is needed, deep sedation through the use of general anesthesia is used. When under the effects of general anesthesia, you will not wake up until the sedative has worn off. In conjunction with your oral health care procedures needed, your dentist can determine which level of sedation dentistry you will need.

Enhance your smile with sedation dentistry treatments. If you would like to visit with Dr. Marcus Lopez and our team at Trecker and Lopez Family Dentistry for a comprehensive examination, please call 413-782-5159 to set up an appointment at our dentist office in Springfield, Massachusetts. With sedation dentistry, we can make sure a visit to our office is a relaxing one to ensure you receive the oral health care treatments you need.