What Is the Best Reason to Get a CEREC® Dental Crown?

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The best reason to get a CEREC® dental crown is the ease at which it can be made, and the benefits they can provide. Not only will CEREC crowns be milled and installed in as little as a single office visit, but they are extremely durable, they are designed to meet the exact needs of each individual tooth, and they can be color-coded to match the natural shade of your smile.

A CEREC same-day crown can be done in a single day because the specifications do not need to be sent out to a lab. Instead, a dentist can take your dental impression and craft for you a specific crown on a specialized computer to your exact needs and desires. Thanks to precision technology, a CEREC crown can be milled to fit as perfectly as possible.

CEREC crowns can be customized for the shape, size, color, and curvature your smile needs. Not only will they protect a damaged or abnormal tooth for many years to come, but they can vastly enhance its look as well. Not only that, but a CEREC crown can return the full functionality of a damaged tooth back, which can improve your eating, speaking, and chewing skills.

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